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Types of Damp

If your property is unfortunate to suffer from damp, Warm Wall has an array of solutions that will be tailored to meet the needs of your property and will target the specific damp in your property. There are three types most commonly found in properties which are listed below.

Penetrating Damp Services

Penetrating damp happens when moisture is unable to leave the property or due to an overload of moisture in the usual exit. It can occur in buildings that have been poorly constructed, older properties or properties with cement rendered walls or cavity wall insulations.  Penetrating damp can be identified by wet patches that have brown stains and a bubbling of wall plaster. Warm Wall has years of experience in dealing with penetrating damp, and we will prevent it from affecting your home for any longer.

Rising Damp Protection

As the name suggests rising damp rises through the ground through fine pores in floors or walls looking for a source where it can evaporate. Rising damp frequently occurs in buildings that had a basement that has been converted with concrete. Signs of rising can be:

  • rotting floors or skirting boards
  • bubbling plaster
  • white bloom/crystals on solid floors and brown tide mark on wallpapers.

Previously, chemical barriers were used to prevent rising damp, Warm Wall will use friendly products to combat rising damp.

Condensation Proofing

Condensation is a type of damp that has the most affect on human health and should not be left for long periods. Condensation is caused when warm air reacts with cooler air or a cold surface such as exterior walls and, as a result, droplets form on the surface. Condensation frequently occurs in modern buildings that have been upgraded to be more energy efficient thanks to cavity installations and double-glazing windows which reduce the flow of natural air in the property. Tell tale signs include black mildew on the walls, musty smell, and droplets of water on the walls.

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